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Battle at the Citadel!

Yesterday we went spend the day out in the bustling city of Cap Haitian! We had a wonderful breakfast at our hotel, the Roi Christophe, where we had Haitian delicacies and fresh fruit from the trees in the courtyard of the hotel. Next we went to the Citadel Laferriere, which was was atop of the Bonnet a L’Eveque mountain. Our guide and translator Victoria haggled with the Haitians at the foot of the mountain to get us a good deal on horses to ride to the citadel! Yes, everyone rode horses to the top of a 3,000ft tall mountain! It was a scary ride for a lot of people because they had never rode a horse before.
When we reached the citadel, it was even more astonishing than I would have ever imagined! It’s 130 feet high and 108,000 square feet and was built by over 20,000 men, using cows blood and quicklime for mortar.
The ride down the mountain was a bit scary because the trail was so steep, and relying on a tired horse is a bit of a daunting task.
After visiting the citadel we went to the San Souci Palace. It was the place of residence for Christophe during his reign.
Exploring all the 18th century remains made us hungry so we visited La Kay ( house in Haitian Creole) restaurant that was across the street from the Caribbean ocean. Majority of the group ordered Pizza (we really miss American cuisine).
Souvenirs are a must so we went to flea market type souvenir shop where we haggled and bargained to get the best deals on Haitian memorabilia.
I have to say that the best part of the day was walking the streets of Cap Haitian and getting to see the grand cathedral that’s located there. The streets reminded many of us of Jackson Square in New Orleans.
Around 8:00 we went back to La Kay to socialize and dance to Haitian music!

Ninjia- danced the night away at La Kay
Castaralla- was queen of the dance floor
Ryan- enjoyed his first time riding a horse
Jordan- walked 7km down from the citadel because his horse gave up
Eli- managed to make it to the top of the citadel despite his fear of heights
Joanna and Lauren – made good souvenir purchases and cut up on the dance floor
Ashley- was a bit sore from the horse ride, but still managed to have a good time at the Kay
Angie- took beautifull pictures in the citadel
Ericka- enjoyed the food at the Kay and haggled her way to 9 bracelets for $4
Heather- rode her horse without any assistance and did a few dance moves
Chantel- was forced to dance at the Kay and enjoyed walking the streets of Cap Haitian


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One thought on “Battle at the Citadel!

  1. Ninjia rode a horse?!! Dad is impressed!!

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